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[personal profile] zarhooie2011-11-16 11:35 am

Court Reports

Hey y'all!

I'm Kat, also known as Lady Katerinka Lvovicha of the Two Kingdoms. I'm a court herald in Northshield, and preparing to step up as the Kingdom Tournament herald.

I do a lot of court reports, as I'm sure you can imagine. My Kingdom requires that the report be emailed in within 72 hours of the conclusion of the event. What is your Kingdom's policy?

I usually include the person who is sitting on the throne (be it a regent or a royal), the herald of record (me), the heralds who assisted (anyone else who was shouty), the person who is holding the scrolls (usually signet, sometimes a signet stand-in), and then the awards. I don't usually include presentations, or anything that would not be included in the award roll. Is this standard practice in your kingdom?

Thanks for listening!